I was trained in, and once made my living doing, pure mathematics, and out of nostalgia still list that occupation on my tax return. Of all post-19th-century mathematical logicians, I claim to be the funniest. In addition to technical papers, I’ve published fiction, essays, and reviews, and have had plays performed in states totaling 313 electoral votes,  and in five foreign countries.  (Note: “International” is not a synonym for “foreign.”) A member of Dramatists Guild of America, I live in upstate New York (real upstate, not a high-class village on the Metro-North line).

For plays, short-stories, essays, and reviews, or to send email, use the links on the right of this (or any other) page. If, for some reason, you want to find technical works, try google. To cut down on silly hits do an advanced search that rules out pages with the word “fatness.”

– DG