No additions to this page will forthcome any time soon.  Should demand arise, I could pad it by dipping into my files of the unpublished, the unlikely-to-be-published, and things that are publishable-only-in-an-alternate-universe.


Gulf Coast, Winter 1999, Vol. XI, Number 1 (Read)

Nothingness and Being

crazyhorse, Fall 2002, Number 62 (Read)

The Tarski Captivity

Denver Quarterly, Spring 2002, Vol. 37, No. 1 (Read)

Colander & Leisure, North America’s Premiere Drainage Products and Lifestyle Monthly, to Launch Hard-hitting Quarterly

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Feb. 2019

Think Outside the Toilet Plume: Nix Those Hidden Hidden Health Hazards

Defenestration, Dec. 2021

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