Free formatter


Here’s a very simple response to the perennial search for a formatting program, something that: is free, implements the Dramatists Guild modern play format, automates the vast majority of formatting decisions (needing an occasional double-click when it drifts into the wrong lane), and can be learned in five minutes. Some flexibility is built in to accommodate requirements peculiar to particular submission opportunities (e.g., “include a synopsis on the title page”).

What you get is a template, explained in this 6-page pdf file. This zip file contains two versions of the template: modern-play.dotx (for MS Word) and (for LibreOffice). I apologize for wrapping them up inside a zip file, but that’s the only way to upload them to a WordPress site.

As pieces of programming, the templates are trivial; you are welcome to do with them what you like. If you find them useful, or usable but needing improvements, use the contact page to let me know.

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